2019 New Mexico State Fair (NM-2019-03)

July 9, 2019 Mass-Lift 0

This year we are excited to announce we will have three events at the 2019 New Mexico State Fair. Things will kick off Friday Night September 6th on the Box Car Stage with the State Fair Deadlift Championships which will have a max of 20 contestants. Next up will be the State Fair Powerlifting Championship which will include Squat, Bench, and Deadlift Saturday Afternoon at the African American Pavilion. Then wrapping up our competitions will be the State Fair Bench Press Championship on the Natural Resources Stage early Sunday evening. This will also have a cap of 20 lifters.

Mass-Lift Live

February 16, 2019 Mass-Lift 0

In an effort to provide the best experiance to our lifters we are anoucing Mass-Lift Live where you will be able to find live videos Read More

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