2017 USA Powerlifting New Mexico State Championship – Updated


We are a little less than one week out from the 2017 USA Powerlifting New Mexico State Championship. The turnout is amazing so far, especially for the women athletes. In total, we currently have 41 athletes, 23 of which are women!

Due to the larger than expected turnout of women athletes we are going to have slightly modified the preliminary schedule. The new schedule of events will be as follows:

Session 1

8:00 am to 9:30 am – Weigh-ins for all Female Athletes

9:15 am – Rules briefing

10:00 am – Competitive lifting

1:30 pm – Awards presentation / Drug testing protocol


Session 2

12:00 pm to 1:30 pm – Weigh-ins for all Male Athletes

1:15 pm – Rules briefing

2:00 pm – Competitive lifting

5:00 pm – Awards presentation / Drug testing protocol


We are aware that some athletes (light weight males primarily) may not be able to make these changes to their schedule, if this is the case, please email me at your earliest convince and we will do our best to accommodate you.


Please make sure that your USA Powerlifting is current for 2017 if it is not you must register as soon as possible on-line at https://www.usapowerlifting.com/member-tools/membership.php

Just a reminder that you will need underwear without legs (no compression shorts or boxer of any kind) and everyone must have socks that cover their shins for the deadlift.

Anyone wishing to still enter you must do so right as soon as possible, registration will be closing on Monday 3/13 at 10 pm mountain time! Link to register http://nm.mass-lift.com/event/2017-usa-powerlifting-new-mexico-state-championships/ 

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me,


Mike Zawilinski

Championship Director




Nomination List:



Name Age WtCls Div 1 Div 2 Events State Team
A Marissa Ramirez 18 F-52 FR-O FR-M PL NM
A Kalei Valdez 16 F-57 FR-O FR-TJ PL NM
A Baylee Encinias 22 F-57 FR-O FR-M PL NM LifeSport
A Camilla Jones 32 F-57 FR-O PL NM
A Rhonda Jones 52 F-57 FR-O FR-M PL NM Revolutionary Fitness
A Kristen Flores 22 F-63 F-O PL NM
A Antoinette Calderon 24 F-63 FR-O PL NM
A Zaira Mendoza 24 F-63 FR-O PL NM
A Jessica George 29 F-63 FR-O PL NM
A Ashley Meadows 30 F-63 FR-O PL TX
A Cynthia G Maynes 53 F-63 FR-O PP NM Gabes Fitness
B Vanessa Tavete 19 F-72 FR-O FR-TJ PL NM
B Ashley Nguyen 23 F-72 FR-O FR-M PL NM
B Desiree Acuna 28 F-72 FR-O PL NM Superior Fitness
B Hillary Goldstein 29 F-72 FR-O PL UT
B Perla Ramon 30 F-72 F-O PL NM Superior Fitness
B Kim Moser 55 F-84 FR-O FR-M PL NM
B Pat Kroken 69 F-84 FR-O FR-M PL NM
B Itzel Garcia 21 F-84+ FR-O FR-TJ PL CA
B Jenna Taormina 22 F-84+ FR-O PP NM Revolutionary Fitness
B Rebecca Hall 29 F-84+ FR-O PL NM
B Jessica Luna Martinez 37 F-84+ F-O PL NM Z-Fit
B Gloria Tiznado 48 F-84+ F-O PL NM Z-Fit
C Ezra Newell 16 M-066 MR-O MR-TJ PL NM
C Kenth Fallen 39 M-066 MR-O MR-M PL NM LifeSport Training
C Eric Saenz 22 M-074 MR-O BP NM Vaincore
C Slade Jones 28 M-074 MR-O PL NM Revolutionary Fitness
C Kevin Hevel 30 M-074 M-O PL AZ
C Tom Newell 53 M-074 MR-O MR-M PL NM
C Carlos Lewis 58 M-083 M-O PL TX
C Gerald Shakespeare 61 M-083 M-O PL CO
D Noah Lopez 16 M-093 MR-O MR-TJ PL NM Iron Soul
D Jordan Ramirez 26 M-093 MR-O PL NM Vaincore
D Barry Charles 54 M-093 MR-O MR-M PL NM
D Xavier Hernandez 22 M-105 MR-O MR-TJ PL AZ
D Carlos Santoliquido 38 M-105 MR-O PL NM Raw War
D Shad Malloy 41 M-105 MR-O MR-M PL NM Sandia Crossfit
D Bryan Dobson 46 M-105 MR-O MR-M PL NM
D Jessie Swanson 24 M-120 MR-O PP AZ
D Mario Risso 36 M-120 MR-O PL NM
D Darlo Vander Wilt 42 M-120+ MR-O MR-M PL NM West Side Power Gym



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